How At-Home Drug Testing Works

Follow Three Simple Steps

Test at Home

Order online and your drug test kit arrives at your door typically next business day.

Mail to LifeHope

When ready, follow the simple instructions to collect your sample. Mail it back to our lab in a prepaid package.

Get Results

In as little as 24 hours after LifeHope receives your sample, you will receive a notification via email or text letting you know the results are ready.

Peace of Mind When You Need it the Most

LifeHope adheres to the strictest industry standards

At LifeHope Labs, we leverage science and technology to be the leader in laboratory processing to ultimately empower health, provide hope and impact lives.

About Us

LifeHope Labs is a Georgia-based, accredited laboratory specializing in urine and oral fluid confirmation testing. We have expert lab technicians and services to get you the most accurate data and online results within the shortest turn around rate in the (state).


We offer a comprehensive panel of drug tests covering 60 different analytes, including but not limited to synthetic cannabinoids, GHB, Kratom and anti-psychotics. LifeHope Labs will ship you a urine collection cup that once filled, will be sent back to our lab free of charge. Your extensive results are one click away through our website within twenty-four hours.

Why LifeHope?

LifeHope Labs is progressive, consistent and accurate. Our lab technicians closely monitor emerging drug abuse trends to ensure that they are up to date on the most prevalent substances in our community today. LifeHope Labs is qualified to run tests on newly developed drugs such as the substances within e-cigarettes, and we are currently the only accredited laboratory that is capable of doing so. In conclusion, LifeHope Labs is the easiest choice you will make for you or your loved one's future.


“Thanks to the LifeHope testing, we were able to detect and monitor vaping abuse among our kids without going to a laboratory or physician's office. We simply did it at home, so our family’s privacy was fully protected.”
-Daniel B. Alpharetta, GA

“I took this test for myself to see if I would be likely to pass or fail an upcoming court drug test I am required to take. I did pass this test as well as the one in court. LifeHope testing really put my mind at ease.”
- Sandra G. Irmo, SC

“We are so happy to partner with LifeHope Labs for our Drug Free Workplace initiative that we started a few months ago. The staff has been a pleasure to work with, while providing excellent customer service and reliability. Their quick turnaround has changed this entire experience for us from our previous vendor. Thank you LifeHope! I wish all my vendors were such a pleasure to work with.”
-Rebecca K. -HR Coordinator

FAQ Top 5

What drugs are included in a standard urine drug test?

There are a total of 37 items included in the standard urine drug test that include Synthetic Cannabinoid Chemicals, Cannabidiol, Nicotine, Cotinine, Delta-9-THCOOH (THC metabolite), and many others. For a complete list,

Will the test remain confidential?

100% confidential, we do not share your data with anyone, and only use it for the intended purpose.

Is it legal to obtain a sample and perform a drug test if my child does not consent?

Yes, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which took effect in 2002, protects confidentiality for minors under some circumstances. Parents (and guardians) have control over health information and access to it for non-emancipated minor children except in situations in which minors are legally able to consent to health care.

How long does it take for drugs to show up in your system?

It takes a couple of hours to metabolize a drug and to start collecting in the bladder. A positive confirmation tests shows they have used that drug within the past couple of days.

Are my kids taking drugs if they are using a vaping product?

Since vape pens or e-cigarette are NOT FDA approved, drugs can definitely be in these products. Granted, not all vape pens, e-cigarettes, etc. have drugs in them but we don't want to gamble with the health and well-being of our children.


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